Format & Headings 🖌️*

Learn how to format content on the Creator Engine. Correct styling will facilitate the readability of your article and improve your SEO.

1. Set headings: go to the formatting toolbar and select the type of heading.

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 11.24.19 AM

Heading 1: this will be your title, it should be Max. 50 characters and include the focus keyword.

See top performance headings on: Top Performing Headlines for Blog Posts

Heading 2: this is the first sub-headline, you can use it later on to expose wider topics that might contain secondary sub-headlines (Header 3)

Make it short and interesting, this headlines is Key is to introduce the first concept, thought or tip clearly.

Heading 3: this contain subtopic within the heading 2, they explain 1 specific point related to the sub-headline.

2. Add quotes: Let your readers know that the statistic or thought is not yours by quoting the source.

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Tip: use the backlinks and sources recommended in the right side toolbar.

3. Highlight text: to emphasize your own words, use the highlighting tool.

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